Luminar has welcomed a judge’s ruling in its ongoing wranglings with JD Wetherspoon in Norwich. The judge has upheld Luminar’s claim that the Lloyds No 1 in Norwich did not qualify for a late-night licence. Luminar argued that the site was breaking the law because sale of alcohol was not secondary to the sale of food and/or dancing, which was necessary to abide by the terms of its special hours certificate. Stephen Thomas, the chief executive of Luminar, said: "All we have ever sought through this process is to trade on a level playing field. Previously, we have spent large amounts of money complying with the law and customer safety. "Other operators entered our market through a loophole. That loophole has now been closed. "This industry has been accused of promoting binge drinking. These pubs have late night licences but don't have the facilities to deal with late-night drinkers." Wetherspoon will now have to pay Luminar's costs. "It will be a lot. This case has been going on for years," said Thomas. Wetherspoons said that the decision would make it easier for both Wetherspoons and Luminar to apply for late licences "with some confidence".