Luminar, the embattled nightclub operator, will reveal a change of tune this morning when it unveils plans to install Lucky Voice karaoke booths at its clubs. Karaoke it seems sells, with the move aping a similar link up by Novus Leisure and plans by Luminar’s founder and ex-chief executive Stephen Thomas. The companu is launching dedicated karaoke rooms at its flagship Oceana nightclub in Milton Keynes. Running under the Go Go Karaoke brand, Luminar has teamed up with karaoke provider Lucky Voice to install “state-of-the art karaoke systems” in three VIP rooms at the club. Luminar’s forthcoming club, Project, in Norwich, will also incorporate Go Go Karaoke. It will have individual karaoke booths and a karaoke stage area for an audience of 150. Simon Douglas, Luminar chief executive, said: “Our customer research confirmed our belief that there is an increased demand for karaoke from our target market. We are delighted to be joining forces with Lucky Voice to launch ‘Go Go Karaoke’ which will form part of our ongoing strategy to add value to our customer’s experience and ensure they have a great time at our venues.” Nick Thistleton, Lucky Voice’s managing director, added: “Demand for our white label private room karaoke technology has continued to build throughout 2010 and we have seen a substantial rise in requests from third parties across the hospitality and entertainment spectrum to license our premium karaoke solution.”