Luminar is forecast to report pre-tax profits up from £61.6m to £62.5m for the full year. The owner of the Chicago Rock Cafe and Liquid nightclub chains rose 35.75p to 444.75p on Friday after it reported sales in July and August down 4.1% and 2.2% from last year respectively. The City had feared Luminar would issue a fresh profit warning and bears had sold stock before the announcement. The Financial Times says the latest figures at least demonstrate the situation is not spinning out of control for Luminar although many are still sceptical about its rebranding programme. Financial Times (Money & Business) 11/09/04 page 5, page 22 (Markets Week UK – London) The Times 11/09/04 page 55 (Need to know) The Daily Telegraph 11/09/04 page 37 (The Market)