An increase in the size of wine glasses is putting consumers at greater risk of drink-driving and concealing price rises, according to the Good Pub Guide 2006. The 175ml glass is being brought in to replace the standard 125ml measure - the basis for a unit of alcohol. Alisdair Aird, the guide’s editor, said: "People are unwittingly putting themselves over the limit and also having to spend more for wine which they perhaps don't want. "Your first reaction is to think it is generous but it is a concealed cost increase which may be putting you at some risk." The guide also found that the average price of a pint of beer in the UK was now £2.24, up 4% on last year. In the survey of 1,100 pubs, Surrey was found to be the most expensive area for a pint of real ale, at an average of £2.51, followed by London and Berkshire. Lancashire was found to the cheapest area, at an average of £2, followed by Cheshire and Nottinghamshire.