Inventive Leisure, the Revolution Vodka Bar operator, has announced a six-figure investment to transform the food offer at its 66 sites and increase food sales by 25% within six months. Under the initiative labelled Food Revolution, all sites are to be transformed to be more ‘dining-friendly’. For example, having more high chairs for parents with young children, and more dining tables. There will be a national staff training programme for the company’s 600-plus kitchen staff, following the creation of a new food development kitchen in Manchester and training centre in York. The new “simplified” menu includes British classics such as fish and chips along with experimental and international dishes such as Chicken Katsu. The Cuban-themed Revolución de Cuba bars will also have a separate cantina menu of dishes with a “Cuban twist”. The aim is to nudge up the food mix from around 9% to 10% of sales. Head of food operations Ioan Eyton-Jones said: “Traditionally, our research has indicated that customers rate our food offering highly in terms of quality, service and the overall dining experience. The challenge now is to build on this strong base and affection for our brand by significantly increasing the volume of customers who visit Revolution bars purely to dine out. “Food Revolution is about establishing a much stronger identity for our food proposition and raising greater awareness of those areas where we continue to innovate.”