James Kowszun, chief executive of Hartford Group, which is about to spend £2m revamping 10 of the Jamies bars it bought last month, has attacked the High Street bars scene for being "boring and dull".

Kowszun, the former finance director at Slug & Lettuce, now part of the struggling SFI High Street bars empire, said High Street chains, had started a revolution 15 years ago but had now become "dull" and "sleepy".

They all had the same shade of pine strip flooring, the same bar fronts, and cheeseburgers from the same supplier, making them "very homogeneous, boring and dull".

Kowszun said: "I am very under-impressed with the value of brands in our industry. There is a risk that you spend far too much time looking inwards at your brand template, rather than outwards at your customers."

He said operators should spend more time identifying their customers and their needs at each specific location, rather than "building 22 sites with the same wallpaper".

Kowszun said he would be looking at the Jamies name and how its central London sites could be improved. The £2m will be spent over the next two to three years. It will not cover another seven separate bars included in the Jamies purchase.