A former Adnams employee who set up his own brewery three years ago has now opened his first pub, writes Paul Charity. Geoff Wright, of the Grain Brewery, took over the Plough in Norwich. Wright and business partner Phil Halls plan to open four more pubs. Wright said: “Our intention is to open as a good city-centre pub that sells great quality products. It really is about the quality of the drinks. It is also a great building. There is an atmosphere in a building like this, which has been used for drinking and enjoyment for so many years.” Wright has also worked for Allied Domecq on its bar and restaurant business and as a barman in the US. More recently, he worked for Adnams brewery in Southwold, from where he was made redundant before starting up Grain Brewery. Adnams will be a secondary supplier to the pub. The pub had been closed since last summer, and came close to being put on the buildings-at-risk register.