Enterprise Inns chief executive Ted Tuppen has been granted 613,614 performance award shares in the company, writes Ewan Turney. Tuppen was also granted 306,807 matching shares after investing in 153,403 shares in the pubco. Chief operating officer Simon Townsend was also granted 368,168 performance award shares and 184,084 matching award shares after investing in 92,042 shares. The awards were made under the terms of the Enterprise Inns 2005 Long Term Incentive Plan for the financial year beginning 1 October 2010. Two matching award shares are made for every one investment share under the plan. A third of the performance and matching shares become exercisable on each of the third, fourth and fifth anniversary date of the grant, “subject to the satisfaction of a challenging performance condition”. Tuppen and Townsend came under fire at the end of last year after it was revealed Tuppen enjoyed a 51% earnings increase in the company’s most recent financial year to 30 September 2010 — earning a total of £1,223,000 compared to £811,000 the year before.