Enterprise Inns has implemented a 4% to 5% price rise in tied drinks products for its tenants and lessees from this week, writes Gurjit Degun. An Enterprise Inns spokeswoman said: “We have communicated the outcomes of our 2012 pricing review directly to all our publicans, and do not discuss private and confidential matters between the company and its publicans with any other parties. “We share a strong common interest in our publicans’ success and will continue to go to considerable lengths to assist and support them in dealing with current economic challenges.” It follows price rises announced by brewers early last month, with Heineken UK adding 7p per pint and Diageo adding 5% to draught Guinness. Wells & Young’s increased the wholesale selling price of its own brewed beers by 4.9%. One Enterprise lessee told Publican’s Morning Advertiser, sister title to M&C Report, that he would be adding 15p to the price of a pint of Foster’s following the news. He said: “We’re going to have a lot of upset customers but I think they will put up with it. We swallowed the price rises last year after the Budget but we can’t afford to do that again.”