Enterprise Inns, which releases full-year results on Tuesday, is listed as one of the "hidden gems" on the stock market, whose strength has so far gone unnoticed by investors. RSM Robson Rhodes placed it number 41 in a top 50 index after looking at companies' cashflow generations over three years of historic figures and three years of analysts' forecasts. The market rating is calculated by dividing the share price by the annual average cashflow per share. Enterprise's share price has risen by 75p over the last month following 20% upgrades by analysts. A trading statement last month said profits would be in line with forecasts of £315m against £305.6m last time. Considerable interest is expected on Tuesday in the make-up of the group ahead of the imminent ban on smoking in public places. The company has partly addressed the issue by offloading pubs at the beer-and-fags end of the market to Admiral Taverns. The Independent on Sunday 19/11/06 (Business) page 11 The Sunday Times 19/11/06 (Business) page 3.14