A new poll of parlimentary candidates in winnable seats has revealed that 99% of those surveyed believe more should be done to support pubs. The ComRes poll, commissioned by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), questioned 101 candidates who are expected to win their seats. Overall 97% said the pub was an important part of British life and 95% said it made a valuable contribution to the economy. Most also agreed that the pub is more important to communities than post offices, parish churches, village halls and community centres and nine out of 10 said that an important part of Britain's social and community fabric is being lost with so many pubs closing. Also, 320 parliamentary candidates have responded to a BBPA call and signed a pledge to 'Back the Pub'. This urged the government, industry, local authorities and others to work together to support British pubs as part of efforts to enhance community life and promote economic recovery. Of the 320 candidates - 111 are Labour, 76 Tory and 123 Lib Dem, with the remainder from smaller parties.