A row over whether a pub in Dorset was serving HP sauce in place of Thai sauce led to a customer attempting to break in on a search for proof.

Maxwell James and his wife Clare James, both professional chefs, thought that they were being HP sauce in place of something a little more authentic at the Ilchester Arms in Abbotsbury.

Late that evening, James came back to the pub. He said: "I went round the back of the Ilchester Arms and tried to get into the kitchen. Then I realised it was all locked up and pretty secure and I couldn't get in.

"I thought, 'Enough was enough and I would sort it out later'. So I left and, of course, I was promptly arrested by the police who were waiting for me on the street."

James was given a six-month conditional discharge by Weymouth magistrates and ordered to pay £50 compensation and £25 costs.

The argument over whether brown sauce was served or not has never been solved as the pub has since changed hands.