SA Brain, the Welsh brewer and leisure operator, has reached halfway in its target of operating a 50-strong estate for its fast-growing coffee shop business Coffee#1 by the end of 2013. The pub operator and brewer, which acquired the then 15-strong Coffee#1 last October, has since opened 10 further sites across South Wales and the South West and opened its 25th site under the brand this week in Trowbridge. The group has already secured another two sites in Cirencester and Bridgewater and is thought to be keen to expand the format further outside its current heartland. It is believed to be in site on several other openings and has 10 units planned to open in total from September onwards. Earlier this year, the group’s retail director Philip Lay, who is also managing director of Coffee#1, said that takings at the sites were exceeding expectations. He pointed to one outlet that was taking £13,000 per week, and admitted that he valued it at £5,000.