A storm is brewing in Glasgow, as the city’s licensing bosses have asked to meet with drinks manufacturers. At issue is the use of plastic rather than glass for bottles, as the city plans to move 95% of its licensed-for-entertainment drinking establishments to a glass ban by the end of the year. A trial in 20 Glasgow nightclubs that ended last year showed that in glass-free environments, serious assaults dropped by 30%, prompting licensing authorities to push for the policy. While many brands, including Becks, Kronenberg and Stella Artois are available in plastic as well as glass bottles, several others, including Budweiser, are not, and some drinks manufacturers have argued that not economically viable to move to plastic at the request of one city. The licensing board has countered by saying that the drinks manufacturers have a social and civic duty to move to glass alternatives. The situation leaves many proprietors to comply fully with the new regulation without limiting drinker choice. However Anheuser-Busch is understood to be reviewing the situation, and a number of other authorities, including Taunton, Plymouth and Barrow-in-Furnace, are also going glass-free, thus making plastic bottles more economically viable for the brand owners.