A Barracuda pub in London is to continue to enforce its 'Eat and Go' policy, that discourages families with children from lingering after their meals have been served. The time allowed has been extended from 30 minutes to 45 minutes after local mothers reacted angrily, but the pub will continue to enforce the restriction to combat the antisocial behaviour of some children. The Tollgate pub, in Dartford, has literature explaining the conditions on each table. John Mead, the pub manager, said: "It was put in place to try to address a few issues we had with parental responsibility. Hopefully, this policy will help to dissipate the problem." Barracuda said: "There have been incidences in this pub where families have come in and their children have not been supervised - to the extent that other customers were leaving. "We want all customers to be able to enjoy the environment and want all families to supervise their children and not let them run about the pub."