A bar in Newcastle has been condemned by health experts for selling strong beer at 10 pence a bottle. The Spy Bar in the Jesmond area of the city was found to be offering half litres of the 4.7% Mexican Potro beer at the knock-down price. The licensed premises has been criticised by police, medics and local councillors. Dr Christopher Reed, a liver specialist at Newcastle’s Freeman and Royal Victoria Infirmary hospitals, called the promotion completely irresponsible. Reed said: “It is completely irresponsible, one bottle of that beer contains 2.8 units of alcohol. They are charging the equivalent of 4p per unit. “It appears that they are not concerned about the health consequences from what they are doing.” The landlord of the bar said that he was given two crates of beer by the brewery and he wanted to get rid of them and he thought that it was up to individuals to decide how much alcohol to drink.