Branded high street bar chains are losing out to old-fashioned community pubs in the current difficult trading environment. High street venues do not attract a loyal clientele and tend to be used for "circuit drinking", with customers spending only an average of 40 minutes in the bar before moving onto a rival establishment. Community pubs tend to be located in or near residential areas and often have gardens. They attract locals who want a more relaxed and leisurely drinking session at one venue. Some brewers are placing confidence in community pubs by extending their estate. Two weeks ago, Greene King bought 432 pubs from the Laurel Pub Company for £645m. However, community pubs stand to lose more custom if and when a smoking ban is introduced. Those on pub crawls can smoke while they walk between bars, while traditional publicans fear they might lose up to 38% of current trade, according to a recent survey by The Publican. The Daily Telegraph 17/07/04 page 30 (Business)