A British man who sold all his possessions and bet everything on a single spin of the roulette wheel in Las Vegas was spared the blushes when the ball landed on Red '7'. Ashley Revell took $135,300 (£74,000) to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, and placed everything he had on "Red," in front of a crowd including his Mum and Dad and television cameras from Sky TV. After bobbling briefly, the ball settled on the '7' and Revell walked away with $270,600. "It all happened so quickly, it was spinning before I knew it," he said, adding he did not intend to try to double his money again. Revell, recently a professional gambler, gave a $600 tip to the croupier and said he planned to party. "I'm still against it," said his father. "He shouldn't have done it. He's a naughty boy. I tell my kids they shouldn't gamble. I've got four others and they're all going to want to go the same way."