SABMiller chief executive Graham Mackay is the subject of an in-depth interview in The Daily Telegraph in which he warns it could take a couple of years to recover gross profit margins after the recent tough times. He does not believe government are helping matters as far as commodity inflation is concerned by imposing export bans and tariffs to keep food in their own countries. SABMiller last week revealed a 16% rise in pre-tax profits for the year to the end of March on the back of strong sales, price increases and cost-cutting. Mackay is optimistic about the future, arguing that in many developing markets such as India, Africa and Latin America brewing is still “nearer the beginning than the end”. And he admitted a move into the spirits market could be on the cards. The company had looked into it, but no decision had been made. Talking about the decision to locate SABMiller’s HQ in London, Mackay said that was based on the City’s attraction as a financial centre. But he admitted the pull was not as strong as it was, and the board had discussed “from time to time” moving away from Britain. However that was not under “active consideration”. The Daily Telegraph 24/05/08 page 34 (BusinessNews)