The Alchemist is this week launching a new Augmented Reality cocktail menu and app, The Conjurer.

The app, which offers immersive menus, is being trialled at the St Martin’s Lane site before being rolled out to the rest of the estate in the Spring.

Guests can choose from six AR centric cocktails including Seaside Sour (Monkey Shoulder Whisky, citric acid, hyfoamer and seaweed) – think family trips to the seaside, and Peach IPA, (Glenfiddich IPA, Whisky, Peach, beer) derived from that very first sip of beer.

Once guests have conjured all six elements on the menu, they will “unlock the top secret elixir and attain Alchemist status”. Customers must download and open the app, before focusing their camera on the coaster for what the brand describes as a “unique drinking experience”.

Jenny McPhee, Head of Brand for The Alchemist said: “We are extremely proud to be one of the first bar and restaurant brands to offer augmented reality cocktails on a national scale. We are always looking to enhance the experiences we offer, whilst showcasing the personality of our brand. This collaboration allows us to provide something different for our customers, whilst pushing the boundaries of unconventionality.”