Petrus, the restaurant co-owned by Gordon Ramsey and Marcus Wareing, has been awarded its fifth rosette for culinary excellence by the AA Restaurant Guide.

The award comes two months after Roger Wood, the managing director of the AA said that "having surveyed Petrus prior to the dinner I planned next Monday, I was most unimpressed. Staff were hardly courteous, it seemed like a poseur's restaurant, extremely expensive and I thought the ambience was lacking".

Wood was accused of trying to use his influence to prevent Petrus receiving the fifth rosette. The AA guide's editor Simon Wright resigned, accusing Wood of overriding the inspectors who had unanimously recommended Petrus for the award.

Wareing said: "I'm delighted to get the fifth rosette, it's a great achievement. Every AA inspector believed we deserved five rosettes, it was only the guy at the top, Roger Wood, who didn't. As far as I know, he still has not eaten at Petrus and I would not welcome him here now."

Petrus is one of only six restaurants in Britain to have five rosettes.