A quick poll carried out by MCA Insight has revealed that 23% of consumers plan to eat out less once the lockdown is over - but 26% are not worried about heading out to socialise again and 18% say they plan to eat out more.  

The survey also said a combined 64% are either “worried” or “very worried” about going to crowded pubs and restaurants once the social distancing measures are lifted.

Seven percent were ‘Not worried at all’ and 19% were ‘Not worried’.

Asked ‘Do you think you will eat out more, less, or the same as before the lockdown after the lockdown is over?’, 23% of consumers said ‘Less’, 59% said ‘The Same’ while 18% said ‘More’.

But 42% of consumers said they were ‘Worried’ and 23% were ‘Very worried’ about going out again with 9% responding ‘Don’t know’.

The snap poll questioned 627 consumers across the UK on between 20 and 21 April.

A similar poll carried out by YouGov that questioned 1652 UK adults over the same period found that 57% of consumers felt ‘Uncomfortable’ about visiting restaurants and 60% were ‘Uncomfortable’ about visiting pubs.