The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has called for sensible drinking policies, following research that the government is failing to enforce existing laws. The study by the WSTA found that only 14 people aged under 18 were prosecuted for buying alcohol over the last six years and in 2006 only 56 adults were cautioned for buying alcohol for underage drinkers. Jeremy Beadles, chief executive of the WSTA, said that the government was considering introducing new legislation, while current laws on underage drinking went unenforced. Beadles said: “The government’s latest strategy document is simply pointing the way to higher prices for all responsible drinkers without solving the problem of alcohol misuse. “Culture change will take time but we should start by enforcing the numerous laws we have and build on the education and information programmes acknowledged as successful by government.” The report found that only 15% of licensed premises in both the on and off-trade were prepared to sell alcohol to underage drinkers in 2007, compared with 50% in 2004. It pointed out that the Challenge 21 campaign was therefore working and being properly implemented.