A Nottingham nightclub has become the first in the country to have its licence revoked since police began a series of sting operations late last year. The Works, a £4m club owned by the Nightclub Company, lost its license after twice failing to stop under-age drinkers from being served. Police said that it had recorded more than 80 incidents - including assaults and disorder - at the 2,310 capacity venue between March last year and April, in contrast to 40 recorded by the club itself. The venue will remain open pending an appeal to the crown court, which is expected in the new year. M&C Report sister publication the Morning Advertiser reported that the company rejected a compromise at a five day magistrates hearing last week, which would have seen a capacity reduction of 1,000 people. On the hearing, a Nightclub Company source said: "It appears the police need to bring very little in the way of evidence for a revocation application to succeed. "We thought the balance of evidence was in our favour. The police produced very little statistical evidence, relying instead on their opinions about the premises. "It’s clear the police have wanted to take draconian action in Nottingham because of a problem with disorder. The magistrates appear to have felt the need to show support for the police." Earlier this year Nottingham police forced the city’s Long Island Iced Tea Bar, owned by Spirit, to cuts its capacity by 700 after it was hit by a sting. Nottinghamshire chief constable Steve Green has previously spoken about the need to cut the capacity of the city’s pubs and clubs by 5,000 people.