Norfolk independent brewer Woodforde’s is to invest £500,000 in new brewing plant to satisfy soaring demand for its cask beers, writes Paul Charity. The new 60-barrel brewhouse supplied by Briggs of Burton-on-Trent will enable the company to double its capacity up to 28,000 barrels per year. The new plant will work alongside Woodforde’s existing 30-barrel facility, giving the brewery more flexibility to handle different size productions runs. Managing director Dennis Nudd revealed volumes at its site at Woodbastwick, Norwich, have increased by 30% over the past two years and business in the current year was “steaming ahead”. He said: “We are confident enough in the future to make this substantial investment, which will enable us to more easily service production. “We are currently producing 14,000 barrels a year and technically the new plant will allow us to grow to a maximum of 28,000 barrels.” Woodforde’s success has been led by its flagship cask brand Wherry Best Bitter, which has proved a best seller in its East Anglian accounts. “The new plant will produce higher volume sale brands such as Wherry, while the existing smaller unit will handle short length and special brews,” Nudd said. The new brewhouse is expected to be in production in the autumn. Woodforde’s operates two tied pubs and services 500 accounts, with the remainder sold through wholesalers. In June the brewery sold more than 150 barrels at bars housed at the Glastonbury music festival.