2 Fore Street in Mousehole, Cornwall, is a chic French bistro which is a good stopping off point for a summer lunch, says The Daily Telegraph’s Jasper Gerard. The food is excellent and there are marvellous views across Mount’s Bay as far as Lizard Point. The only drawback is that it is full of tourists when owner Joe Wardell, who trained under Raymond Blanc, hoped to create a good, reasonably-priced restaurant for locals. Gerard adds: “If only more Cornish people could afford to enjoy all the fantastic restaurants of their home country.” The Times’s sub-editor-hater Giles Coren dined at The Botanist in Chelsea’s Sloane Square. He seems to have enjoyed it, but devotes more of his column to what he describes as “some random flopsy” he invited out on a date. In the end, Coren didn’t take the “floozy” but explained that he went with his mate Jez instead before writing more about the “Sloanes” – girls in Alice bands and pale jeans, with sunglasses in their heads – than The Botanist. Meanwhile he dispatched his “flopsy” to try out the food at Jimmy’s, just down the King’s Road. He prints verbatim the email she sent him the following day about her meal. That fills up half his column. But at least she wrote about the restaurant. The Daily Telegraph 26/07/08 (Weekend) page 20 The Times 26/07/08 (Magazine) pages 53 & 54