The Haozhan stands out from the other restaurants in Gerrard Street in the heart of London's Chinatown, according to Jay Rayner in The Observer. He describes it as a pleasant restaurant staffed by nice waiters with an interesting menu of well-prepared dishes. Nobody goes to Gerard Street for that these days, says Rayner. They go to be shouted at by aggressive staff with personality disorders and to eat food that will make them wake up the next morning feeling a cat has slept in their mouth. The Haozhan, Rayner adds, may well be the only good reason to visit Gerrard Street at the moment. The Independent on Sunday's Terry Durack described his meal at Angelus in Bathurst Street in London W2 as a "spotty performance". But he says the chef can cook and the wine list is praiseworthy. Diners get a classy restaurant experience at neighbourhood brasserie prices. Durack gives it a score of 13 out of 20. The Observer 30/09/07 (Magazine) pages 60 & 61 The Independent on Sunday 30/09/07 (The New Review) page 55