Jay Rayner, writing in The Observer, describes the food he ate at legendary Jewish restaurant Blooms, in Golders Green, north-west London, as "for the most part very bad food indeed". Only the crunchy and garlicky green pickles were good. The fried gefilte fish was the size of a dinner plate and denser than Jade Goody, the salt beef was extraordinary dry, while the gedempte meatballs were the same shade of orange as Dale Winton. The Independent's Terry Durack dined at the Royal Festival Hall's smart new Skylon restaurant. He said it was a great space on the riverbank with great views and chef Helena Puolakka had talent. But there were delays between courses and a lack of spontaneity in the food that suggested a logistician was needed as much as a chef. The Observer 01/07/07 (Magazine) pages 58&59 The Independent on Sunday 01/07/07 (The New Review) page 63