Mark Palmer of The Daily Telegraph visits Common at Cannizaro House in Wimbledon. The restaurant is “charmless” and “over-lit” but the lobster bisque appetiser is “tasty”, the smoked haddock soup cannot be faulted and the seared scallops are “splendid”. However, the main courses disappoint: the lamb is overcooked “to such an extent that a steamroller would struggle to extract any juices” and “wrapped in a coating not dissimilar to the wax casing of a Babybel cheese.” The vegetarian pasta sauce is “sickly” and the banana dessert resembles “a slab of brown concrete”. Giles Coren of The Times visits Barrafina, a tapas bar in London’s Soho. He describes it as “the best of its kind I ever saw” and says “the quality of the food is staggering”. He awards it 8.75 out of 10. John Walsh of the Independent reviews Camino, a Spanish restaurant in London’s King’s Cross. He finds the décor “touristy” and the Galician octopus “strangely tasteless” but enjoys the “fabulous” ham starter and the “sensational” rib-eye steak, and a “marvel” of a mixed salad. However, the puddings are “disappointing” and the molten chocolate cake “resembles a huge turd”. Matthew Norman of The Guardian reviews the Restaurant Sat Bairns in Lenton Lane, Nottingham. He concludes that this is “clever, complex, highly imaginative, technically brilliant food served with warmth and charm in a restaurant that is splendid in every regard.” He awards it 9.5 out of 10. The Daily Telegraph 23/6/07 page W16 (Weekend) The Times 23/6/07 page 63 (Magazine) The Independent 23/6/07 page 49 (Magazine) The Guardian 23/6/07 page 71 (Magazine)