Bumpkin, in London's Notting Hill, gets four out of five stars for food, three for both ambience and service in a review by Tracey MacLeod, in The Independent Magazine. Bumpkin restaurant and brasserie serves "simple, wholesome food", which the review says "is actually really good". MacLeod writes: "In fact, it's the kind of local that makes you wish you were local, and there are surprisingly few of those in Notting Hill." Matthew Norman, in The Guardian, reviews Tamarai, in Drury Lane, London WC2, which gets a score of 5/10. He says it is the weirdest restaurant he has encountered in years. He says it disorientates customers in its underground room and, "in every regard other than the serving of food, it is ostentatiously a nightclub, which makes a daytime meal a thoroughly disconcerting event". When Norman emerged into daylight with his dining partner, "we swayed on Drury Lane, clinging to each other like drunken queens on a dance floor, ready to sing like canaries without so much as the hint of a Syrian torturer". Giles Coran gives Acorn House, in Swinton Street, London WC1 full marks. He is gushing in his praise of this "great little restaurant" describing it as "life and death important" because it is London's first truly environmentally sustainable eatery. The Independent Magazine 09/12/06 page 71 The Guardian (Weekend) 09/12/06 page 87 The Times Magazine 09/12/06 page 90