The supply of vouchers by operators across the eating and drinking-out sectors climbed to a peak in August, reaching a level last experienced during the summer months back in 2010, according to the latest update from foodservice consultancy Horizons’ Voucher Tracker. It found that the number of vouchers supplied by operators were again up on the previous month with the Olympics having little impact on the rising trend. In 2010, levels reached a peak in September before declining as the year came to an end. Paul Backman at Horizons said: “Unfortunately with current economic data available it seems that we will be locked into this voucher supply cycle going into 2013.” In 2009 and 2010, after a January peak, the supply of vouchers grew from a February low to a mid-summer high and then declined to Christmas. Last year, after the January peak, the number of vouchers supplied by operators stayed low until late summer when they rose strongly before declining again to Christmas. According to Horizons, the level of voucher and discount supply across the eating and drinking-out sector in the first eight months of this year was up on the same period in 2011.