A leading health campaigner told delegates at M&C Report’s Future of Pub Retailing that CCTV footage should be used to see which pubs serve drunken customers. Speaking at the conference yesterday at the Andaz Hotel in London, Dr Noel Olsen, of the Royal College of Physicians, said he also wanted advertising for drink not to be tax deductable. He also warned that irresponsible drinking costs the country as much as £20bn a year – and that the health lobby wanted to see that paid for by the drinks and pub industry at some point in the future. Olsen, a former honorary secretary for ASH – the anti-smoking charity, told delegates: “The polluter must pay. The industry must be paying for the harm and the nuisance.” He also argued CCTV cameras could be used in his hometown of Plymouth to track drinkers and discover which pubs they were served in. “We must remember it is illegal to sell to people who are drunk,” he added. However, he did warn there were human rights issues to be overcome before CCTV tracking of drinkers could be introduced.