The government is to introduce more flexibility for wine and beer measures, in a move that will see the introduction of the two-thirds pint and allow restaurants to offer wine tasters. Science minister David Willets confirmed today that current regulations, originally put in place to protect the consumer, would be relaxed to provide operators with more flexibility. Under current law wine cannot be sold in measures less than 125ml while beer must be sold in thirds, halves or multiples of half-pints. Fortified wine must be sold in the same quantities as normal wine. Willetts said: “This is exactly the sort of unnecessary red tape the government wants to remove. No pub or restaurant should break the law by selling a customer a sample of wine. “We have listened to consumers and businesses. They have called for fixed quantities to be kept but with greater flexibility. That is what this change will deliver. “We are freeing businesses so they can innovate and create new products to meet the demands of their customers.” The British Beer & Pub Association welcomed the news and said the introduction of a two-thirds pint would help in the marketing of beer to women who are often put off by a full pint. The required statutory instrument required to make the changes in law will be laid before Parliament in the current session.