A Swansea couple has vowed to oppose applications for late licences for pubs under the Human Rights Act. Andrew Brenton and his wife Michelle say families are facing sleepless nights and late night vandalism and disruption under the new regime. The Brentons said communities affected by late night drinking problems could sue authorities using Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life) of the Human Rights Act. Michelle Brenton said: "There are dozens of objections already to applications from pubs to vary licensing hours in Clydach. We will be logging any disturbance or noise after the time of those old closing hours and we suggest families across Wales do the same." A Swansea City and County Council spokeswoman said, "We have a statutory duty to determine licensing applications and will weigh up all the relevant factors in making the decision, such as the Human Rights of all parties, the applicants and other residents in the area, as with all council decisions. If any party is dissatisfied, they could challenge the decision as a breach of the Human Rights Act, however, a more immediate remedy would be to appeal the decision to Swansea Magistrate's Court."