Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) has launched a new supplier approval scheme that recognises suppliers’ all-round sustainability and gives restaurants an easy way to identify them. Approved suppliers, those that exceed the SRA's minimum standards on productions methods, supply and client and staff relations, will be featured in the SRA's Supplier Directory. The process is similar to the SRA's Star Rating for restaurants, is rigorous but quicker for suppliers to complete and covers all the key areas of sustainability as identified by the association. Initially the SRA is offering the approval to food and drink producers only, but it said that it would be developing the survey to incorporate other types of supplier. Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA, said: “We believe the SRA supplier approval scheme will provide a key reference point for restaurants, bringing them together with suppliers. "This is the first scheme to consider and approve the all-round sustainability of producers, giving them the recognition they deserve, restaurants a means of identifying potential new suppliers and customers a greater chance of eating food that matches their values.”