John Griffiths, the Welsh health minister, thinks that a smoking ban in Britain is inevitable. Following on from the ban in Ireland, Griffiths believes the idea will spread throughout the UK. The Newport East AM member said that following the visit to Ireland by Jack McConnell, Scottish Parliament first minister, a ban was "only a matter of time". McConnell commented earlier this week that a smoking ban was: "enforceable, practical and desirable in Scotland." The Irish health minister, Micheal Martin, offered support to McConnell saying: "The ordinary punter wanted this happen, and it is they who made it happen." Griffiths has been to Ireland recently and commented: "When you speak to people you find that it [the ban] has been very effective, created a better environment, and helped people give up. "I think it is inevitable that if a ban is introduced in Scotland then more pressure will be put on Westminster to give Wales the power to introduce a ban and then introduce it in England."