Retail sales increased last month, buoyed by pre-Christmas sales and promotions, according to latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Sales were up 0.9% by volume and 5.4% by value in October against the same month in 2010. Compared to September 2011, sales volumes increased 0.6%, with sales by value up 0.7%. ONS said: “Feedback from retailers suggests that the monthly increase in sales volume and value was a result of pre- Christmas sales and in store promotions.” Approximately £26.8bn was spent on retail goods during October 2011, up from £25.4bn in the same month last year. Last month also saw the first year-on-year increase among predominantly food stores since 2011 - volumes were up 0.3%. Among predominantly non-food stores, volumes were up 0.1%. Non-store retailers saw the biggest jump, up 11.7% on October 2010.