Pubs already worried about the impact of the smoking ban in England and Wales also fear that interest rate rises and poor weather may further impact their profits. Many pubs have poured investment into improving their food offering in order to attract new custom, but fear that interest rate rises may dissuade families from choosing to dine out. Rainy days in England and Wales will also make pub visits less attractive to smokers who are then unable to use gardens and patios to indulge their habit. Pubgoers fear that their “locals” may never be the same again and many landlords and customers are aggrieved by the ban. Some pubs say they plan to ignore it altogether, and pubs in the Isle of Man, which remains unaffected by the new rules, are hoping to cash in on tobacco-friendly tourism. Meanwhile, many pubs, clubs and restaurants were holding “last chance” tobacco parties and events in advance of July 1 and investment consultants believe that traditional pub ashtrays could eventually become valuable collectors’ items. Financial Times 30/6/07 page 6 The Daily Telegraph 30/6/07 page 1, page 27 (Editorial), page W3 (Weekend) The Times 30/6/07 page 2, page 10-11, page 20 (Editorial), page 23 (Travel) The Guardian 30/6/07 page 19