Gordon Ramsay has opened his first US restaurant in New York City. The Guardian says it was “eerily quiet on its first day”. But Ramsay’s PR machine insisted Gordon Ramsay at the London NYC Hotel, which cost $7.2m (£3.8m), was booked solid for two months. The restaurant’s manager claimed phone lines collapsed a few minutes after opening because of excessive demand although three British stockbrokers seated at the bar said they booked little more than a week in advance. Ramsay has had to get used to the fact that in the US staff work a 35-hour week. He says his British staff are used to working those hours in two days. Catherine Elsworth, writing in The Daily Telegraph, said the food she tasted was “exquisite”. Gordon Ramsay at the London features a fine dining restaurant with a French-influenced menu and the London Bar serving tapas-style food. Ramsay faces a challenge from actor Paul Newman whose Dressing Room – A Homegrown Restaurant opened last month over the state line in Westport, Connecticut. The Daily Telegraph 18/11/06 page 13 The Guardian 18/11/06 page 13 The Times (Travel) 18/11/06 page 2