James Purnell, the licensing minister, has warned that a delay in introducing the new licensing procedure would lead to administrative chaos and cause many venues to close. In a letter to MPs Purnell said: "Delaying the act at this late stage would mean that the work done and fees paid by hundreds of thousands of village halls, sports clubs, members' clubs, pubs, restaurants and bars would have been wasted." Industry bodies have dismissed attempts to use the parliamentary procedure called "praying against a statutory instrument" to stop the new licensing laws coming into force on 24 November. Neil Williams, spokesman for the British Beer & Pub Association, said: "This doesn’t come as a surprise given that the opposition has been threatening to do it all summer. However, since there is a government majority in the House of Commons I am doubtful that they will win their bid." Law firm Poppleston Allen added: "There is very little chance that this will succeed. The standing committee is likely to consist of a majority of Labour MPs therefore so long as a large number of those individuals do not suddenly decide to oppose their own party’s view the debate should be successfully in favour of passing of the statutory instrument."