Provence tenants are being forced out of business or into debt because of exorbitant rent demands, according to an investigation by the Morning Advertiser. In some cases rent was up to 93% of weekly takings. In addition, tenants have complained that Provence offers little or no support, and is difficult to contact. Provence invests heavily in renovating dilapidated pubs, which, when refurbished, are offered to tenants on five-year leases without premium and free-of-tie. One tenant explained to the Morning Advertiser that he and his wife ran up debts of £30,000 after having to pay weekly rent of £920 for a pub that had a weekly average take of about £1700. In contrast, a nearby tied pub had a weekly rent figure of £100. Another, who had been in his pub for eight weeks, said: "We’re meeting the rent but we still haven’t drawn a wage yet – we are living on savings." In response, Provence said that it was offering "an absolutely unique opportunity in the industry", and that those who take advantage of it should be sure to undertake due diligence. It added: "We are simply applying the property investment model to the pub industry. Provence licensees are given the keys to properties worth between £250,000 and £1m for very little capital. We say ‘All we’re going to do is collect our rent and the rest is up to you’. A lot of people appreciate that approach."