Between £250k and £300k has now been raised for the 'fighting fund' to challenge the proposed fee increases from music royalties collection agency PPL. Meanwhile, another trade body, the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, has joined the group of associations challenging the proposed price hike for PPL’s Speciality Featured Entertainment (SFE) tariff, which would see some largest nightclubs face a 4,000% increase. Other groups challenging the plan include the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), the Bar Entertainment and Dance Association, the British Beer and Pub Association, the British Hospitality Association, the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, along with a number of individual operators. Members of these bodies attended a meeting with PPL yesterday. ALMR strategic affairs director Kate Nicholls said: “It was very detailed and indepth, a good exploration of the key issues and a good starting point for on-going dialogue. “We have agreed to share more information going forward and try to make some progress and address some areas of concern.” M&C Report reported last September that c.£200k had been raised as part of the fighting fund, and this figure has now increased. “We will need all of that to keep fighting,” said Nicholls. Major bar operators have said that the proposed SFE fee hike would increase their costs dramatically. Walkabout operator Intertain would see its SFE fee from £150k to c.£7m, and for the 30-strong Atmosphere Bars & Clubs, the payment would increase from around £150k to £1.8m. There has already been a victory in the campaign, with PPL shifting back the proposed implementation date from April 2012 to January 2013.