Pub landlords have been condemned as "greedy" as the price of a pint goes over £3. A survey of over 900 pubs by Camra, found that the average price of a pint of bitter in London rose by more than four times the rate of inflation last year. For a time only fashionable bars and nightclubs had priced a pint at over £3. Now London's most expensive bars are charging over £3 a pint for both lager and bitter. The average price of a pint of bitter is now £2.24, more than 5% higher then the average price in 2003. Lager has risen by 3% to £2.41 a pint. This makes London the most expensive place in the country to drink beer. In 1997 the price of real ale in London was £1.79, making the rise over the last seven years 25%. Roger Protz, editor of the Good Beer Guide 2005, published by Camra, said: "Given the enormous discounts being offered to pub chains by big brewers I think this shows that pub chains are not passing on these discounts to their pub tenants and the poor old beer drinker is paying the price for their greed." The British Beer and Pub Association said: "The average price of a pint of beer around the country is running at around £2.10, which is less than some people are prepared to pay for a cup of coffee. The price of beer is actually increasing at around 2.9% a year, which is less than the average 3.3% increase in the retail price index."