Peach Pub Company, the food-led multiple pub operator, has become the first company in the UK to take part in a new scheme to reduce their energy costs and install greener, more efficient technology. The new business, Carbon Trust Implementation services, provides “independent, objective evaluation of the most effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for a company”. The service is funded by a flat rate commission from suppliers, meaning there is no cost to the company itself in obtaining this support. Jo Eames, Director at Peach, said: “As our business continues to grow, we are very aware of the impact of energy costs and we are aiming to reduce this bill by 20% year-on-year. The challenge is finding objective advice which pinpoints the projects that will deliver the best returns. “The Carbon Trust's new model offers an innovative way of offering this advice at no cost to a business. To date we have reduced our carbon footprint by banning air-freighted food and using seasonal British ingredients, but with rising costs, switching to more energy efficient practices has never made more sense, and with the Carbon Trust Implementation services – it’s never been so easy.” Peach recently secured its 15th site, The Brookmans, an Enterprise Inns leasehold in Hertfordshire that features a walk-through deli on the side.