People are going out to drink more during the week and moving away from weekend session drinking, according to a new report released today. The research by Datamonitor found that an aging population, time-scarcity and the proliferation of female-friendly environments had widened the consumer base and facilitated more diverse occasions during the week. Matthew Taylor, consumer markets analyst at Datamonitor, said: “Alcoholic drinking occasions, in line with the moderation trend, are becoming more week-round. Midweek occasions in particular are becoming key to value generation in the market due to their increasing numbers and growing diversity.” In Europe there was shown to be an increase in the number of times people visited on-trade premises, growing by 0.8% in Europe, although volume sales of alcohol were slower, declining by 0.1%. In the UK, visits to on-trade licensed premises was found to be falling by 0.2%, with volume sales down by 1%. Taylor said: “Moderated alcohol consumption on-trade requires more nuanced approaches to marketing. Tracking consumers’ premiumization behavior is a key facet of this, although the industry must be prepared for poor economic circumstances to restrict growth potential – sales will increasingly be based on enhanced value and flat volume sales. “Consumers are increasingly looking for enhanced sensory experiences and will trade-up. The on-trade can benefit by offering exclusive products and an environment not easily replicated at home.”