Leading pub companies have called for a campaign to end the irresponsible alcohol advertising tactics of the off-trade. In return for supermarkets and off-licences respecting a new advertising code of conduct, which would ban them from using adverts of cut cost alcoholic drinks on tv and in newspapers and magazines, pubs have pledged to stop promoting drink offers in their windows. Ted Tuppen, chief executive of Enterprise Inns, told M&C Report’s sister publication Morning Advertiser: “Supermarkets have singularly failed to face up to their responsibilities by using cheap alcohol as a business builder. The drinking and thinking public are getting fed up with this. “We know that we can’t ask for anti-competitive measures such as asking supermarkets to cut their prices. But we think it’s a reasonable compromise that supermarkets stop advertising their cheap drink offers.” Michael Turner, chief executive of Fullers, said: “The alcohol industry is very keen to stamp out irresponsible drinking and one of the best ways is a code of conduct that governs responsible advertising in both on and off trade.”