Terrorist attacks are a “real and serious danger” for licensed premises during the Olympic games, a leading police officer has warned, writes Michelle Perrett. Speaking at the annual National Pubwatch conference in London yesterday chief inspector Adrian Studd – Olympic licensing lead at the Metropolitan Police - warned operators that the threat level is “substantial”. He told delegates: “This means an attack is a strong possibility. There is no intelligence at the moment that there is anything specific, but it is a matter to bear in mind.” He said the Olympics and other event such as the Jubilee would provide some groups with an opportunity to get publicity for their causes through violent activities. He said this threat was not specific only to London and urged operators to consider any events happening in the locality that could make their premises a target. However, he said the police recognised the importance to maintain a balance between security and offering a friendly atmosphere. “If your staff know what they have to do and are trained, and they are going about their business in a quiet and professional way, they will also deter potential terrorists because they will see that premises is being run effectively,” he said. “I think that is where your businesses needs to be - that public face that looks welcoming and inviting and underneath the training going on and the risk assessments.“