The Office of Fair Trading's decision not to proceed with a formal investigation of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers' complaint into BSkyB's prices to pubs has provoked dismay at the organisation. The OFT has closed its file on the subject, concluding that there were insufficient grounds to suspect that the company had breached the Competition Act. The OFT said that prices were high but not excessive and therefore not illegal. Nick Bish, the ALMR's chief executive, said: "To many of our members, this will appear to be legal semantics. At the end of the day, it is pubs' profitability which is being eroded as a result of these high prices. "BSkyB has now turned the corner back into profitability and has seen the cost of programming rights fall. The OFT report sets down a clear marker that this should translate into pricing policy in due course. We therefore hope the report will give BSkyB pause for thought before it presses ahead with price increases later this year."