Owners of fast-food outlets near to Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food in Rotherham – which aims to teach people how to prepare nutritious meals – have slammed him for hitting their trade. Celebrity chef Oliver, 33, claimed that people in the Third World had a better diet than many Britons who lived off takeaway meals. But Kez Cooke, who runs the Diners Delight café in the South Yorkshire town, said he was talking nonsense. And Gill Rushton, owner of a delicatessen and takeaway called Paninis, insisted Jamie’s claims weren’t true. Sunny Singh, who runs the town’s Wellgate Fish Bar, reckoned Jamie needed his head examining. Sunny, who has queues for his £3.85 giant portions of fish and chips, added: “He thinks he is a big-time Charlie. “But he doesn’t realise what he says can damage our businesses.” The Sunday Express 28/09/08 page 16