The government is to launch a new review into the Licensing Act to see whether it has helped cut red tape and costs for licensees. The Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee plans to analyse if the Act has reduced bureaucracy for those applying for licences and for those administering it, as well the extent of the financial savings. It will also examine if the new legislation has fuelled late-night disorder, by looking at changes in levels of public nuisance, night-time offences and perceptions of public safety. In addition, the inquiry will probe the impact of the Act on the performance of live music and the financial implications of the law on sporting and social clubs. The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) said that the new inquiry would only distract from the main focus of getting pubs through a tough period Mark Hastings, director of communications for the BBPA, said: “We've just had a full-scale review of the Licensing Act and a further process is again a distraction from getting on with the front-line business we need to get on with, which is helping the British pub through a difficult period at the moment. “We will use this opportunity to highlight further opportunities to ease the costs cost and regulations burdens on pubs.” The report by the 11-person committee is set to be released after Chrismas.